Open: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-3pm

Engineering & Customisation

All motorcycle customisation work carried out

Cambridge Motorcycle Workshop

Here at Cambridge Motorcycles we have a fully kitted out workshop with the tools necessary to help with motorcycle engineering and customisation. Our operators have many years of experience, including owning their own machining shop!

We take on all custom work from fitting a turbo / supercharger to a full frame cut and reweld.

Welding Services

Alloy welding can be done in-house using our latest tig welder. Whether it be a cracked engine case or, a hole that needs building up and repairing, we can do it!

Stainless steel welding also available. We can make exhaust pipes, decat pipes, all in house.

Titanium welding is another metal that we are able to repair, for example titanium down pipes etc..

We are also able to do the good old fashioned mig welding!

Other Projects

Our engineering experience is not just limited to motorcycles, so let us know what you need and we might just be able to do it, and if we can’t then we can certainly offer some advise. Please contact us with your requirements.


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