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Euro 4 Legislation

Euro 4 legislation and what it means in the motorcycle industry.

Euro 4 is the name of legislation that puts a limit on the emission of pollutants by new vehicles also requires anti-lock braking systems. It covers all mass-produced vehicles sold in Europe, and is legally enforceable which includes the Lexmoto and Sinnis Motorcycles.

As far as bikes are concerned, Euro 4 is contained within a broader European directive called Regulation (EU) No 168/2013, which lays out the requirements for new bike approval and layout what the importers’ and manufacturers’ responsibilities are etc. It also contains a requirement for anti-lock brakes).

So if you want to build a bike in large numbers and sell it in Europe, the Regulation tells you what you can and can’t do. And the Euro 4 part of it tells you not just how clean its exhaust gasses have to be, but how much naturally evaporating fuel it’s allowed to emit, and begins to ensure it meets the regulations for the duration of its working life.

This means that Motorcycle Manufacturers are having a rethink on all of their models as they don’t currently meet the strict Euro 4 laws. This means that the people behind all these great motorcycles are spending a great deal of time and money in researching the best and cheapest way to produce bikes that meet the high standards of Euro 4. The idea of a ‘cheap’ Motorcycle is slowly disappearing. The new laws require more advanced technology which is not going to be very cheap for example they have to be fuel injected and either have to have A.B.S. or linked brakes.

Finally Euro 4 laws means that we at Cambridge Motorcycles have left over stock from 2016 that were not ready for Euro 4. The motorcycles that we have in stock have been either been derogated or pre-registered. This means that they are the last of the ‘cheaper’ bikes available so call in and grab yourself some bargain transport before the inevitable price increases. Ask about any deals we can do on helmets and clothing or accessories for you too.

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