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Winter Offers

Good Morning everyone we have a few ongoing special offers which are running until the 24th of December.

Winter Check-
We are offering a extensive motorcycle winter check over for your peace of mind, that you will be safe riding in the up and coming weather conditions. The check will include us checking tyre conditions,coolant level,electrical check, brake pads and discs,oil level we are offering this check over for just £29.99. If you would like further information give us a call.

Bike Wash-
With your bike being open to the current elements it is inevitable it will be covered in dirt as well as road salt.If your bike is left in these conditions the bike will start to corrode costing you money which could of been avoided. We are offering a Bike wash to avoid these unnecessary potential damages. We will clean over your bike with our specialist cleaning products and give it a low pressure jet wash and take extra care avoid any damages to electrical components or wheel bearings etc. This is currently on offer for just £15.00
Call us for booking arrangements and any further information.

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